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Kathleen B. Janecka "kay"

Great fun. I've passed it around the the musicians in the orchestra and we've all really enjoyed it. Good reading..


C. Montgomery

Im just hoping the author will launch these characters into another adventure soon. This well paced often hilarious tale gives you some sense of what it might be like to be traveling in an over-sized RV with a rag tag "old timey" band -its filled with funny moments and memorable characters. There's also some suspense mixed in after the protagonist acquires a priceless fiddle at a garage sale in nYC and some bad guys try repeatedly to steal it but the story never gets too dark. Pederson's got a great sense of humor and he writes from personal experience as he's an award winning musician who's been on the road more than once. His band The Road Oilers has at least one CD out -if its not on amazon.com then try CD Baby or call Amazing Grace in San Anselmo CA- This book and a Road Oilers CD make a great gift in combination.


Christy Pedersen

John writes a great story ... its almost like being there. Suspense and laughs.


Brent Harris

John Pedersen has done his part to both distract us from our economic woes and to lower American production thus further contributing to aforementioned woes.


I started this book on Wednesday evening: "Maybe I'll just read a chapter to get the flavor." Two hours later it was definitely past my bedtime and I was still reading. I was supposed to work on Thursday: I had a lot of work to do on Thursday: I really meant to work on Thursday; but somehow The Book snuck into my hands while I ate my morning toast and I'm afraid I didn't do a lick of work that day. Sucked right in, I was. How could I leave Dan Munroe, ace fiddler, unwitting gumshoe, and leader of a peculiar band of musical compatriots dangling out there in the land of the unread?


My advice? Don't read this book if you have to go to work today.

More Reviews

E. C. Riley Jr. "fiddlehound"

What makes a good genre mystery work is the depth and authenticity of the details of the setting. Whether it's ancient Rome or a New England touring-band's milieu, it's important that the author get it right. This is where Pedersen shines; his years as a touring musician have allowed him to create a thoroughly credible (and enjoyable)setting for his well-crafted mystery.

Tom Farnham

I picked up Scroll and Curl hoping for a murder mystery with well-developed characters; a sense of adventure and suspense; some good-natured humor; and an accurate portrayal of musicians and their wild ways. I was not disappointed. John Pedersen provides a great look into the zany life of a touring band (well done, I must say...) with the added bonus of a little international intrigue.

Well done, sir! I look forward to the next one.

Candace Hale

The hero is charming, the villains are scary, the banjo player is sleazy -- what more could you want? Well, okay, if I were writing it, the fiddler would be the skank, and the banjo player would be the shining star --- but that small point aside, it's a delightful book, entertaining and full of heart. It's also just huge fun to read -- I gobbled it up in one (long) sitting, and now pant for a sequel.

Elen Pass Brandt

First of all -- I confess to knowing the author. But this is the US of A, and I have the right to express my opinion.


That caveat aside. This book is pure unadulterated FUN. It contains sufficient plot twists and turns to be a solid mystery -- but the heart of this character-driven story is the dysfunctional old time/bluegrass band and how the members cope with life on tour and the dangerous situation they have been thrown into. If you don't laugh at least once (internal silent guffawing acceptable) -- there is probably a tag on your toe. At the end of the day, I felt I knew the band, and wished I really did. (Though I would lock up the liquor cabinet and refrigerator before having them over.) If you have ever been a musician and/or hung around with them, you will feel right at home in these pages.


There aren't too many books that are just a good time -- especially these days. I don't know about you -- but I need just that. Do youself a favor and give your face a joy ride.

Old Timey Doom


Old Timey String Band music is one of the very real characters in this book, and the author has captured the culture of the old timey string band musician. The narrator sounds like he walked right out of the 30's with a little 2000 lingo thrown in. The author sustains a level of suspense, actually a sense of impending doom, throughout the book that makes you want to keep reading right through to the end. Speaking as an old timey banjo player myself, I feel that same sense of doom right before every gig. Scroll and Curl

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